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Lion Dance is one of China’s oldest and most unique cultural arts. Exciting to watch and difficult to perform, lion dance captivate audiences of all ages. Lion dancing requires coordination between 2 performers: the Head and the Tail.

1 Lion, 2 Partners

The Head controls the movements of the lion head: the eyes, the mouth, the ears. The Head also raises the lion up and lowers it down. This makes the Head responsible for most of the expression of the lion and for directing the Tail.

The Tail controls the movements of the body, making the lion look alive and animated. The Tail also has to be very strong, in order to maintain the Tail position throughout a performance. When the lion is doing jumps or lifts, the Tail has to be able to lift the Head and hold her upright.

To bring a lion to life, the Head and the Tail have to work together. A strong partnership results in a great lion! Both team members have to practice regularly to achieve the best results.

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Lion Dancers Train Hard!

Lion dancing is challenging! Lion dancers have to possess excellent stamina and concentration to perform the lion dance. A standard performance is 15 minutes. The entire time, the lion dancer is moving, lifting, bending.

To prepare for the lion dance, performers have to practice the lion dance regularly. In traditional Southern Shaolin Kung Fu, lion dancing provided an excellent way to condition the body and improve flexibility and strength. At Eastern Ways, lion dancers are all Kung Fu students, keeping this tradition alive.

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