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Our premium martial arts training program offers Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Kidsafe Self Defense classes taught by experienced instructors. Our programs are designed to help students improve their physical fitness, flexibility, and self-defense skills.

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Folsom Head Instructor
Sifu Matt Stroh

What makes eastern ways different

What We Offer Easterns Ways Average School MMA Gyms
Private Lessons Included At No Extra Cost
Certified Instructors W/ Background Checks
Offering Over 50 Classes Per Week
Access To Multiple Locations At No Additional Cost
Private Training Areas
Heavy Bags & Focus Equipment
Organized Well Rounded Curriculum
Testing Fees
Children's Programs for Ages 4 & Up
Values Based Instruction

Our Programs

Martial Arts Classes for Kids and Adults

Kung fu

Learn Choy Li Fut Kung Fu. Known for its powerful strikes and kicks

Tai chi

Yang style Tai Chi is known for its enormous health benefits.


Kidsafe® self-defense training for children of all ages.

Reviews from our Students and Parents

Sabrina shihadeh
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2 years ago This is my son’s second year at Eastern Ways. We are so glad we found this place. Committed, professional and very talented people. My son has learned so much, he is blue sash now, can’t wait to get the black!
Elizabeth Sparkman
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a year ago Our daughters gave been training at Eastern Ways for probably 14 years now and still going strong. It has been an amazing journey as they transformed from little girls to these confident, responsible, respectful, talented, and powerful young women. The instructors are supportive role models of professionalism with passion. We got lucky when we picked this place!
Layla Murphy
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4 years ago My husband and I took an introductory class here which was an amazing FREE private lesson. The studio is beautiful, clean, and the instructors we met were warm and welcoming. Mr. Langley actually taught our class and it was obvious that he had extensive training in martial arts as well as teaching tactics. Looking forward to a next time.
Michael Dickinsun
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2 years ago My wife & I have been training here for over a decade and will say we got lucky! We could have started many other places but did a little research and thought this was a very authentic system with affiliation to the Plum Blossom Association so would be as real as possible. Frankly, they were convenient to our house. Doesn't matter, I'd drive 30 miles to train here! Sifu Lendech and the staff at the Fulton location have helped us in SO many ways. Confidence, technique, proper training, they teach it all. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Michael Boyd
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a year ago Excellent teachers with an accomplished knowledge of the art and science of Martial Arts. They are all knowledgeable and effective in their ability to teach. In addition, regardless of your skill level, you will be treated with courtesy, respect and dignity. I highly recommend Eastern Ways Martial Arts. You simply cannot go wrong with this dedicated team of Martial Arts teachers. As a former student (I had a significant career change and could no longer pursue the discipline) I can say with confidence that their integrity level is off the charts!
Jason Coleman
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3 years ago I've trained here for almost ten years. The private lesson structure that they use has helped me to become a much better martial artist, much faster that at schools that only have group classes. Of course, there are group classes here as well, so you get the best of both worlds. Come here to train in traditional Chinese martial arts (Kung Fu and/or Tai Chi), which includes a lot of really cool weapons. There is sparring as well, but it is not the main focus at the school.
Edward Burgess
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Great environment for people who want to learn martial arts. The kids program is outstanding and the instructors are very supportive with the kids. My girls have been here for the past 10 years. One of the things I appreciate is that Eastern Ways takes the process of learning seriously. It is not just promoting students after a certain time period but rather allowing each student to move forward only after demonstrating mastery of the appropriate skills. This helps the students to focus, but it also provides a sense of real accomplishment when a student does promote. I also really love the structure of learning. Each student gets weekly private lessons and then they can attend multiple group lessons throughout the week. For those students really interested in accelerating their learning, the opportunity is definitely there.
Ian Powers
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I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my lessons and the overall experience with Eastern Ways Martial Arts. I highly recommend this studio for all adult and child students interested in Kung Fu.
Christina Dee
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My kids have been at this school for two years. Always a positive environment and kids enjoy it. There is so much offered with this being the "whole" Kung fu teachings not parts of it. It is not inexpensive, but no schools are that offer what Eastern Ways does. What is offered is better than other schools overall.
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