Dragon Dance

You Can Learn to Dragon Dance!

Learn How To Dragon Dance!

The Dragon Dance is exciting and memorable. This is one of China’s rarest cultural arts. Performing a Dragon Dance takes many people. At Eastern Ways, our smallest dragon is 55 feet long and takes 9 performers to dance.

Running the Dragon

Traditional dragon dances were performed very slowly, with performers simply walking holding the dragon poles. Modern freestyle dragon dancing is athletic and energetic, requiring skill and endurance to perform properly.

The freestyle dragon dance is full of tricks and special routines, with performers jumping over the dragon, weaving under the dragon and bringing it to life. The modern dragon is run, not walked.

Dragon Dancers are usually Lion Dancers because the two arts are seen together so often. When not, Dragon Dancers still have to possess great stamina and strength to keep the dragon moving and execute the difficult routines. At Eastern Ways, our Dragon Dance Team practices Kung Fu to keep strong and build stamina.

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